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Whether your organization has moved or is considering moving to the cloud, there are a number of challenged that your organization would be facing. Data Governance across a hybrid cloud, using what kind of technology stack, how to comply with new standards and regulations. R8Advisors assist their customers with variety of tools, frameworks and ready tools to overcome these challenges.

IT Operating Model Maturity Assessment

Maturity Model Linkage

With the Digital Transformation being the current buzz-word, It is important to understand the different aspects to enable such a transformation:

Enterprise Architecture

This purpose of this section is giving a roadmap for the technology infrastructure and pre-requisites in order to serve the need of the customer now an in the future.

The focus here is to make sure all the components of the solution integrate well together.

A reference model is taken from TOGAF framework from the Open Group for the enterprise architecture. The consultancy effort will focus on being pragmatic and deliver value to the customer as early as possible.

Cloud Strategy

Having the experts in the major cloud players like AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, Oracle and others allows us to help our customer choose the right vendor(s) and how to transform to it.
For each of these vendors, we provide technology reference models and design patterns to increase the speed of adoption and hitting targets from the first go.

Cloud Migration Strategy

Paths & Maturity

Migration Paths Can Vary

Digital Factory, Agile and DevOps

We aid in transforming your technology team to business partnering organization with agile teams, decentralized decision making, and rapid time-to-value. Whether it is moving from waterfall to agile frameworks as the below, our experts would assist our customers in defining the target operating model and how to get there.

“I have become agile… now what” is a statement that we keep hearing from customer through their transformation. We assist those customers to enablers like DevOps centre of excellence.

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