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Cyber Security


We also provide detailed assessment and an attack mapping for samples of security incident using MITRE ATT&CK framework. The goal of this assessment is to find the risks, gaps and the corresponding security controls that would enhance the whole security posture and visibility of their network.

This will also help identify the adversary techniques that might be used and utilized as a stage of the incidents targeting customer network. The approach which will be followed considers taking samples of the customer incidents “if available” and map those incidents with MITRE ATT&CK adversary techniques. Then, we can have a high-level visibility on the detected techniques by the currently deployed security controls and on the other hand, we will have a visibility with regards to adversary techniques those either were not triggered or not detected. The assessment findings and results will show the current risk and gaps in details

The analysis and assessment provided will be based on the technologies and known threats as of the date of conducting the workshop. The workshops will be done remotely, and reports will be shared directly from IT Works Live Interactive

Penetration Testing

A penetration test, also known as a pen test, is a simulated cyber-attack against your computer system to check for exploitable vulnerabilities

Pen testing can involve the attempted breaching of any number of application systems, (e.g., application protocol interfaces (APIs), frontend/backend servers) to uncover vulnerabilities, such as unsensitized inputs that are susceptible to code injection attacks

Insights provided by the penetration test can be used to fine-tune your WAF security policies and patch detected vulnerabilities.

Our certified consultants will simulate different attack techniques which will report weaknesses in your targeted systems and will explain all the findings and resolutions.

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SOC Maturity Assessment

A well-functioning Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides a reliable and trusted single point of contact for reporting computer security incidents. Maturity assessment of the security team can enable organization to identify problematic areas more accurately and allocate resources more efficiently.ITWORKSBETTER assesses SOC maturity by applying best international practices and as a result the organization is provided with an actionable SOC improvement plan and SOC modernization activities.

Depending on scope, the following areas could be assessed:

  • Governance;
  • Human resources, including knowledge management and training/education;
  • Processes;
  • Technology, including automation and orchestration;
  • Services: security monitoring, security incident management, security analytics and forensics, threat intelligence, threat hunting, vulnerability management and log management.

Experienced, qualified and certified cyber security experts perform the assessment, hence highest quality standards are guaranteed.

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Malware Reverse Engineering

Malware represents one of the greatest threats that organizations face today and IT departments are coming to understand that their AV tools can only do so much to protect them. When malware is discovered on their systems, they want to know what it might have done, if the threat is still ongoing, and what they might have lost to the infection. Answers can be very tough to find, but reverse engineering the malware might just be the way to provide them.

ITWORKSBETTER malware reverse engineering and can help you determine the capabilities of the attacker’s malware. ITWORKSBETTER will help you determine the Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) so you can quickly and accurately discover malware variants. When you catch the attacker’s malware, they don’t just throw up their hands and start writing new malware from scratch. Instead, they just modify existing malware. Minimal modifications (or sometimes just recompiling) can completely bypass antivirus and security software.

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Mobile Apps Security Risk Assessment

R8Advisors Mobile Security Risk Assessment Services help you to evaluate mobile security risks associated with Mobile Applications (Mobile App) by identifying vulnerabilities and threats from multiple perspectives such as malicious users, external attackers, internal malicious users attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in mobile devices and application and infrastructure.
Our team performs comprehensive assessment by looking at the security, compliance risks and industry best practices of your mobile applications
Our team will evaluate the security of your Mobile Application against best known industry practices by performing automated testing and also manual testing to fully exploit identified vulnerabilities and test for business logic and flaws (e.g. authorization flaws) which automated tools often miss.

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Cyber Security GAP Assessment

Cyber Security gap analysis provides a comparison of your security program versus overall best security practices. By comparing these best practices to actual practices, we can shed light on areas where vulnerabilities and risks are lurking.

An organization should be undertaking risk assessment and/or gap analysis activities in support of an organizational commitment to improve its cyber security posture. Improvement is only possible if you have an established position or benchmark from which to measure change – these activities allow you to create that valuable baseline.

A thorough and structured assessment of your cyber risks will lead to priorities for your organization. This, in turn, ensures you deploy your precious resources to effectively and efficiently protect your most important assets. Conversely, it means you don’t waste time and effort protecting the wrong things.

Our certified Cyber Security consultants will help you run the proper assessment based on your industry.

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Cyber Security Road Map

Building successful cyber security programs requires a well-considered and sophisticated security roadmap. The stakes are too great to manage security strategy or implement enterprise security architecture on a reactive or ad hoc basis – you’ll never catch up with the evolving threat landscape if all you’re doing is responding to yesterday’s risks. A security roadmap can help you define where your organization needs to go in terms of building security programs, and provide recommendations for processes, practices and technologies that can help you get there.

An effective security roadmap must be closely aligned with business objectives and informed by business needs. And a sophisticated security roadmap must be able to leverage existing programs and technology while integrating new solutions and ideas to increase operational efficiency, protect users and data, contain costs and maximize return on investment.

In order to meet overarching business goals, it is essential to establish clear security priorities that support the long-term goals of the business. The Security Roadmap will elevate your security posture, design business-relevant cybersecurity controls, identify the path to vulnerability remediation, and obtain compliances while accommodating future business growth. Roadmap is meticulously designed to achieve a robust, aligned, and threat-aware security and business operations posture

R8Advisors consultants will provide a 24-month roadmap based on our assessment findings, along with the snapshot of recommendation implications. R8Advisors consultants will keep engaging with the client to continuously evaluate the progress of the road map implementation and advise any changes based on changing compliance and business goals.

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SIEM Technologies Implementations and Administrations

SIEM technologies are complex to install, manage, and maintain. Extracting proper value out of the expensive initial purchase and investment is challenging. Too many companies and team implement a SIEM for a fraction of the capabilities offered0 SIEMs are inherently complex as they must be able to integrate with a multitude of technology stacks across many business verticals and allow for the creation of custom metrics and alerts specific to an organization’s environment.

R8Advisors has an extensive experience in deploying multiple SIEM technologies to help address common implementations and administration challenges.

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Cloud Compromise Assessment

Cloud based applications and service providers are gaining a lot of users. The security of those infrastructure and applications are at risk.
R8Advisors Consulting’s Compromise Assessment evaluates an organization’s security posture to determine if a breach has occurred or is actively occurring. R8Advisors Consulting can determine when, where, and how a compromise occurred, and provide tactical recommendations for preventing another attack.
A Compromise Assessment utilizes a methodology for identifying environmental risks, security incidents, and ongoing threat actor activity in a network environment. The assessment identifies ongoing compromises and uncovers the malicious access and usage of the environment. The goal is to detect and stop any active security incidents quickly and quietly.

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