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Started back in 2012 R8Advisors , an ITWORKSBETTER company, is a focused consultation group providing services on:

Enterprise Architecture &
Digital Transformation

technology strategy/business model transformation, Target Operating Models, capabilities, roadmaps and business processes re-engineering, change management in key areas like AI, Cross-Border Automation/Integration, RPA, product exploration, service optimization, effective governance of the vision and design of innovative, enterprise-level applications on a country-wide scale. Cloud Adoption and Digital Transformation: with PaaS (Private/Hybrid/Multi Cloud Strategy), Microservices & Application Modernization, DevOps/SRE and Implementing Agile Organization at Scale.

Data, Analytics &
AI Advisory

We have led advisory and transformation projects in the following areas:

Strategy Management Analytics: interfacing with CFOs, COOs, and CIOs to formulate business objectives, business strategies and how they cascade to operations strategies, marketing strategies, Strategy Maps, Balanced Scorecards, Business Model Canvas, Industry blueprints, Value-Engineering, Valuation, etc.

Strategic Management: Including Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting and Financial Consolidation.

SBU/Departmental Performance Management: with value-chain analysis, KPIs, SLA/OLA, marketing/operating models.

Data, Information, AI & Big-Data Transformation: implementing Information/Data Strategy, Data Architecture and Data Governance. Hand-On experience with various AI-algorithms, Big-Data tools & architectures with initiatives for better segment analysis, resource allocation, credit scoring/rating, x/up-selling opportunities and RPA Cognitive, Dialog and Taxonomies.

Business Simulations: From War-Gaming, Scenario Analysis, to Agent-Based Simulations, Monte Carlo, Econometrics to Financial Statement Stress Testing.

Financial Risk Management & Regulatory Requirements: Credit & Market Risk, Basel Accords, Disclosures.


We then work with you to define and implement the right strategy to support your strategic and operational objectives.

At R8Advisors, we keep on learning. Our head office is home to a passionate team of cybersecurity experts dedicated to providing trusted advisory on different cybersecurity topics. our staff offers a unique blend of expertise as consultants. This combination of talents uniquely supports our clients’ needs. Our hands-on experience and knowledge of cyber security systems are the foundation for the specialized services we offer.

Our dedication, reputation and professional approach have propelled us into the spotlight in recent years and made us strategic partners to major vendors.

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