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Data & Analytics

Strategy & Management

We assist our customers in turning their data into a strategic asset to help in better customer engagements, optimized internal processes and finally long-term competitive advantage by utilizing the right framework, standards and best practices to create and operate these competitive advantages.

Strategy can either be top-down like the above diagram, or can start at the bottom and go up the value stream to capitalize on proven and tested use cases.

Advanced Data Engineering, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are core capabilities in the digital era that are exploited by top organizations. ITWorksBetter assists customer on how to use those better.

After the strategy is formulated, choosing the platform and the right transformation path is key.


Big Data Strategy
  • Strategy Management Analytics: interfacing with CFOs, COOs, and CIOs to formulate business objectives, business strategies and how they cascade to operations strategies, marketing strategies, Strategy Maps, Balanced Scorecards, Business Model Canvas, Industry blueprints, Value-Engineering, Valuation, etc.
  • Strategic Management: Including Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting and Financial Consolidation.
  • SBU/Departmental Performance Management: with value-chain analysis, KPIs, SLA/OLA, marketing/operating models.
  • Financial Risk Management & Regulatory Requirements: Credit & Market Risk, Basel Accords, Disclosures.
  • Business Simulations: From War-Gaming, Scenario Analysis, to Agent-Based Simulations, Monte Carlo, Econometrics to Financial Statement Stress Testing.
  • Data, Information, AI & Big-Data Transformation: implementing Information/Data Strategy, Data Architecture and Data Governance. Hand-On experience with various AI-algorithms, Big-Data tools & architectures with initiatives for better segment analysis, resource allocation, credit scoring/rating, x/up-selling opportunities and RPA Cognitive, Dialog and Taxonomies.


Using Oracle Hyperion and Analytics Suite & Big-Data, IBM Cognos & Watson, Apache Big-Data, SAS, Azure and AWS with Agile @ Scale

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